Reproduced Sound is a conference which is organised by the Electro-Acoustics group of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA), and has been an annual event since 1984. This long running conference will interest all those who work in the multi-disciplinary world where matters electrical and electronic meet with matters acoustic, architectural or intelligibility. Each year, we set a core topic for technical contributions, around which is organised contributions on more traditional areas of interaction of acoustical space with audio systems.

Past conferences have covered issues as diverse as:

  • Complex modelling of acoustic spaces
  • Finite element modelling of transducers
  • Noise in the environment
  • Psychoacoustics and the neurophysiology of the hearing process
  • Concert and live performance sound balancing
  • Intelligibility in environments as varied as railway stations to classrooms
  • Noise in the environment for example noise spill from raves and club venues
  • Vibration and subsonic acoustical issues from various sources

The conference is supported by organisations and institutes whose interest are closely allied with those of the Electro-Acoustics group. The IOA ( is the UK’s premier professional organisation for all matters dealing with acoustics, vibration and noise and was established in 1974.


Inaugurated in 2001 by the Electro-acoustics Group, The Peter Barnett Memorial Award honours Peter Barnett who died the previous year. This award, which is made annually, recognises advancements and technical excellence in the fields of electro-acoustics, speech intelligibility, and education in acoustics & electro-acoustics. Peter had a wide range of interests in acoustics but primarily in the fields of electro-acoustics and speech intelligibility. A stalwart of the Reproduced Sound series of conferences, he was known for his mathematical approach to problems. The award is a silver miniature “Head and Torso Simulator” or binaural head. Periodically an additional award is made to students working in the field of electro-acoustics. The award to typically presented at the Reproduced Sound conference.

Past recipients:
2017 – Dr Floyd Toole
2016 – Mark Dodd
2015 – Siegfried Linkwitz
2014 – Prof Malcolm Hawksford
2013 – Luis Gomez Agustina (student award)
2012 – Pat Brown
2011 – Bob Walker
2010 – Dr Leo Beranek
2009 – Neville Thiele
2009 – E E Greenand (student award)
2008 – Dr David Griesinger
2007 – Dr Graham Bank
2006 – Dr Evert Start
2005 – Dr Per Brüel
2004 – Prof James Angus
2003 – Dr Peter Mapp
2003 – F F Li (student award)
2002 – Dr Wolfgang Ahnert
2001 – Dr Herman J M Steeneken


2017 – Nottingham, Sound Quality by Design
2016 – Southampton, Sound with Pictures – time is of the essence
2015 – Moreton-In-Marsh, Playing with Fire: Sound for art, entertainment and emergency purposes
2014 – Birmingham, 30th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition
2013 – Manchester, Delivering the Experience – from imagination to realisation in audio
2012 – Brighton, Auralisation – designing with sound
2011 – Brighton, Sound Systems: Engineering or Art?
2010 – Cardiff, Performing Arts Venues: Balancing the Design
2009 – Brighton, Audio explosion
2008 – Brighton, Immersive audio
2007 – Gateshead, Hall of sound : audio for live events
2006 – Oxford, Raising the standards
2005 – Oxford, Feedback to the future
2004 – Oxford, Improving the listening experience
2003 – Oxford, Exploring and sharing audio and acoustics
2002 – Stratford, Perception reception deception – how do you know?
2001 – Stratford, Measuring, modelling or muddling
2000 – Stratford, Design environment and intelligibility
1999 – Stratford, Windermere at Stratford
1998 – Windermere, Surrounded by sound
1997 – Windermere, Audio Pipe Dreams and Acoustic Reality
1996 – Windermere, The ins and outs of audio microphones & loudspeakers
1995 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 11
1994 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 10
1993 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 9
1992 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 8
1991 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 7
1990 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 6
1989 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 5
1988 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 4
1987 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 3
1986 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 2
1985 – Windermere, Reproduced Sound 1