The Electro-Acoustics Group Committee of the Institute of Acoustics is pleased to announce Reproduced Sound 2017, Sound Quality By Design. The conference will be held at the Nottingham Conference Centre on 21-23 November, 2017.

Registration is now open on the Institute of Acoustics Reproduced Sound page.


Dr Floyd E. Toole

Floyd E. Toole is a leading industry expert in acoustics and psychoacoustics. He is a past AES president and is known for his research completed during his 25-year tenure at Canada’s National Research Council and his role as Corporate Vice President and Director of R&D at Harmon International Industries. Dr Toole will be attending the conference to give this year’s Peter Barnett Memorial Award lecture after receiving the award from the Institute.


Gareth Fry

Gareth Fry, award-winning sound designer, will describe his work on The Encounter – the first binaural show on Broadway. His paper presentation will explore the concept, challenges and delivery of live and recorded binaural sound to 850 audience members. After the conference dinner, Gareth will describe and demonstrate the dramatic possibilities of binaural and ambisonic sound, looking at how it’s used in theatre and increasingly in virtual reality.


University of Derby

The conference will feature a Tuesday evening visit to the University of Derby where attendees will have the opportunity to explore the research of the Entertainment Engineering subject group, including interactive demonstrations of ambisonics, 3D audio for virtual reality, live sound reinforcement technology, applications of immersive audio in theatre, 3D audio through tissue conduction, plus much more!


Philip Newell

In the 1970s, the equipment which is now so revered by the young was more of a limiting factor than an asset. Today’s equipment is far superior and could have led to far better results. However, using modern equipment has led to a change in the thinking, so using old equipment will not guarantee achieving the 1970s sound that is often sought after. Philip Newell, highly-regarded acoustic and electroacoustic consultant as well as former technical director of Virgin Records studio division, will discuss methods of achieving 1970s sound using modern day recording equipment.


If you or your organisation are interested in becoming a supporter of Reproduced Sound, and have your logo and link here on the website, plus a stand at the show and an opportunity to include your insert material in the delegate packs, please also contact Linda –

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